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service imageSong Mastering

Price Range: $50.00 Per Song/Free Sample

Description: This is our signature service. A great tool for people who want to get a high quality mastering job in a quick and efficient manner. All you do is upload your song file (preferably a wave or aiff) and wait for us to provide you with a free sample. Upon purchase through PayPal your final is automatically released to you. Hassle Free Audio Mastering at it's best. You will love it.


Click HERE to request Song Mastering service

service imageBulk Song Mastering

Price Range: Price Varies / Pre-Payment Required

Description: This service is best suited for the customer who wants the conveniences of online mastering at a discounted bulk price.

  We encourage you to receive a free sample before requesting a Bulk Song-Mastering package. If you have not received a free sample just use this form Here for a convenient and easy upload.

  If you have received your free sample just click on the link below, tell us how many songs you need mastered and we will get right back to you with a time frame and a price. Please note that pre-payment is required for all Bulk Song Masters.


Click HERE to request Bulk Song Mastering service